50 Years of Lifelong Learning at ե֭

The Transformative Power of Learning, editors Elena I. Nicklasson and Jean-Pierre Isbouts, D.Litt.

Fielding University Press is proud to announce the publication of (ISBN: 173-7943980), which encapsulates the essence of lifelong learning and its transformative power.

This compelling publication, curated by editors and , is a testament to the enduring impact of ե֭’s innovative approach to adult education and its pivotal role in shaping transformative learning experiences.

The monograph offers a rich tapestry of narratives that reflect the diverse and profound journeys of Fielding’s alums, faculty and students. It encompasses a range of perspectives, from the transformational experiences of U.S. Representative Salud Carbajal to the groundbreaking research of Karen S. Bogart, Ph.D., Chair of Fielding’s Board of Trustees.

Marking half a century of educational innovation, The Transformative Power of Learning is not just a retrospective account but a forward-looking exploration of the role of education in personal and societal evolution. This work invites readers into the heart of Fielding’s philosophy, where individual stories of growth and discovery illuminate the broader narrative of transformative education’s impact on lives and communities.

ե֭ extends an invitation to educators, scholars, students and lifelong learners to engage with The Transformative Power of Learning. This monograph is a gateway to understanding the rich and varied paths of transformation that define the excellence in higher education, offering inspiration and insight to all who value the power of education to change lives.

The Transformative Power of Learning is now available on Amazon and other online retailers. To request a review copy of the book, please contact Kaylin R. Staten at kstaten@fielding.edu or 805.898.4076.

Fielding students, faculty, staff, alums, and trustees can access the copy via the Dr. Dianne Kipnes Library.

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